Construido con

  1. Untitled (ordered composition with materials from the studio which I don’t know what kind of use to make of)
    Every work of art is the result of the perspective we face the act of looking, the wish of seeing and giving a meaning to the object we find in front of us. Therefore, art can also come from a confrontational act (sometimes deliberate, sometime spontaneous) that leads to the transformation of the object into a unique, auratic and, in the end, discursive piece of art. Untitled (...) was conceived when a series of elements, which had already become part of my studio furniture, ended up creating an attractive visual composition but also an intention: in comparison with the serial organization, the «deliberate random» shown in The Destroyed Room; compared to the real object coming out from the wall’s plane, the vanishing point turned into the shape of a «windows» coming into the Art History (the same one used by Jeff Wall in his work, by the way). Besides an artwork, Untitled (...) is a proposal, a statement.

    Wood, iron, paper, wrapped canvas, cardboard and reproduction of The Destroyed Room (Jeff Wall, 1978) on paper