Construido con

  1. Staging for success against all odds

    Staging for success against all odds is the forced improvisation resulting from the frustration and failure of an ambitious project that fell through before it ever happened. It’s the Plan B held together with spit and glue. It’s pretending, as you wipe off the gravel from your trousers after a fall, that the wounds don’t hurt. As a consequence of trauma emerges this construction, in which every element helps to reach the successful purpose of this work while playing with a tension stage prior to collapse and an apparently permanent balance.

    This project was possible thanks to El Ranchito: Programa de Residencias Matadero Madrid - AECID.
    Photographs 1 & 5 ©Paco Gómez/Matadero Madrid

    Flag, flagpole, sandbag trench, rope, pulley, stone and fan